April 1 – President’s Thank You!

Hello FKOC Members and Friends!!
As you know, we’ve been very busy during the month of March.  We hosted the Fort Kent Skijoring Races on March 5 and 6, we hosted two sessions of Pat’s Ride for All in the middle of the month, a Mom’s Club sledding event, a lodge rental and  last week our grand finale was the US National and North American Biathlon Championships!  PHEW!   We’re very excited that the FKOC has been a “happening place”!
A new Membership Committee has been formed, under the leadership of Joey Ouellette (one of Fort Kent’s new Town Council members!).  They sent a survey out to the membership recently soliciting input on the types of activities members would like to see at the FKOC.  The response was terrific—thank you to all who participated!  Knowing what our members want from their venue will guide us as we move forward this year.  We thank our committee members, Irene Murphy, Christin Kastl, Jenny Radsma, Anna Battiata and Joey for their energy and dedication.  New members are always welcome—contact Joey for more info at joeyouellette@hotmail.com.
Trail Conditions
Our ski trails are in fantastic shape!  We still have plenty of snow, but as the weather warms up, trail grooming becomes very challenging.  We are developing a Trail Condition Chart which will be posted on our website and updated frequently.  The chart will indicate the date of the latest grooming by area and whether it is groomed for classic and skate or just for skate.  Our chart should be up and running shortly.  Please note that the Green Bean and Saenger’s Challenge trails will no longer be groomed.
As temperatures rise in the afternoons, the snow softens considerably.  Pet paws can make deep divets in the trails, which are difficult to smooth out with the groomer.  Please consider skiing with your pet when the trails are still frozen.  Walking and snowshoeing on the trails can be very damaging as well.  Kindly stay on the designated snowshoe trails.
Rental Room
We will not be having scheduled staff in the Rental Room for the remainder of the ski season.  However, if you would like to rent equipment, please call the FKOC mobile phone at 834-6203 and we will arrange your rental.  If someone just needs to purchase a trail pass, the daily fee can be placed in the donation box on one of our trailhead kiosks.
US Nationals and North American Biathlon Championships
Hosting this event was a huge undertaking and we are extremely grateful for all the organizers and volunteers that made it happen!  We had over 100 volunteers who gave us their time and talent during the event and in the weeks prior.  We are especially thankful to Carl Theriault, the Chief of Competition and Event Director.  Carl put in many hours of planning, making phone calls, grooming and “wrangling” to make the event a success.  Others involved in the preparations were Pat Theriault (Registration Coordinator), Bill Loder (Timing Chief), Tom Levesque (Stadium Chief), Norman Martin (Course Chief), Gail Johnson (Volunteer Assistant), Tammy Ouellette (Banquet and Award Organizer), Russell Boucher (Chief Groomer), Seth Hubbard (Range Set up) and Allan Dow and Lucien Theriault, our “all-around volunteers extraordinaire”.  We also thank Acadia Federal Credit Union for allowing their employees to work at the event “on company time”.  Below is our list of event volunteers—we hope we have everyone listed.  And in case you forgot, we have the BEST VOLUNTEERS ANYWHERE!!!   Thank you everyone!!
Allan Dow Range/Stadium
Allis Macalle Timing
Angela Glew Range
Anna Battiata Timing
Anne Ward Range
Annette Grant Timing
Apurba Kaphle Runner
Ashley Pelletier Penalty Loop
Becky Bouley Penalty Loop
Becky Overton Course
Ben Paradis Course
Bert Levesque Range
Betsey Geraghty Range
Bev Cote Penalty Loop
Bill Loder Chief Timing
Bob Lozier Equipment Chk
Bob Sprague Range
Bonnie Cyr Range
Brian Stoliker Range
Bruce Jarvis IR Range
Cameron Kastl Runner
Carl Chasse Course
Carl Theriault Chief Comp
Carol Pelletier Timing
Charles Pelletier Penalty Loop
Chris Chasse Penalty Loop
Christin Kastl Timing
Connie McLellan Penalty Loop
Daine Gagne Timing
Dan Chasse Course
Dana Pinette Stadium
Dave Beylea Range
David Roy Range
Diane Gagne Timing
Don Audibert Penalty Loop
Dona Saucier Hospitality
Emily Ouellette Range
Eric Bouchard Range
Eugene Daigle Course
Fran Labree Timing
Gail Johnson Timing
George Dumond Announcing
Isabelle Lozier Equipment Chk
Jake Robichaud Range
Jean Marc Michaud Range
Jerry Kelly Range
Jessica St Jean Penalty Loop
Jim Marquis Medical
Joan Thibodeau Range
Jodi Cote Medical
Joe Phaneuf Range
Joe Theriault Range
Joey Ouellette Range
John Dumond Range
Jordan Tanguay Range
Joyce Plourde Timing
Keith Pelletier Course
Kelly Martin Announcing
Kevin Cyr Range
Krishna Kaphle Range
Kristen Boxwell Medical
Lance Morin Equipment Chk
Laura Audibert Comp Office
Leslie Kelly Range
Lilly Roy Comp Office
Linda Bechard Range
Lionel Marquis Parking
Lisa Fournier Range
Logan Bouley Penalty Loop
Louise Marquis Timing
Lucien Theriault Range/Stadium
Lucille Loder Kitchen
Luis Sanclemente Penalty Loop
Lydia Streinz Range
Matt Sabasteanski TD
Maurice Chasse Chief Range
Max Ouellette Banquet Parking
Nancy Kendall Timing
Norman Martin Course
Pat Hayward Kitchen
Pat Labbe Timing
Pat Theriault Comp Office
Patsy Morin Course
Paul Cyr Range
Paul Grant Timing
Peggy Carson Range
Pete Freeman Media
Peter Schommer Timing
Philip Schommer Course
Rejean Couturie Range
Rollande Vallencourt Timing
Ronnie Guy Parking
Sam Johnson
Penalty Loop
/Banquet Parking
Sandy Caron Course
Sean Halligan Range
Seth Albert
Seth Hubbard Range
Steff Gagne Timing
Stephanie Beaulieu Range
Steve Johnson Range
Tammy Ouellette Everywhere
Tom Kendall Timing
Tom Lapointe
Tom Levesque Chief Stadium
Vaughn Martin Penalty Loop
Vicky Boucher Penalty Loop
Wilson Roper Range
Yvon Levesque Stadium