Congratulations to the CHS Skiers!

It was a great day Friday, February 20 for the Fort Kent Boys Nordic team at States…. They were winners of the Maine State Classic race over some very tough competition from Maine Coast Nordic (a private school in Portland than just focuses on Nordic Skiing, former Merriconeag school) . They were second overall after a second place in the freestyle race just 4 points behind Maine Coast Nordic 93 to 89. I couldn’t be prouder of these guys that skied their hearts out to win this race….. we were smaller than every guy on their team, our first place guy, David Roy, just got done with two tough days of Alpine (none of their team skis Alpine)….. but these guys are from Fort Kent, and they know how to meet a challenge and did everything they could to beat a very deep field. THANK YOU to David Roy 5th, Niko Naranja 8th, Caleb McNaughton 12th, Charles Parham 17th,Matt Kelly 23rd, Reece Voisine 30th in Classic, and David Roy 5th, Caleb McNaughton 13th,Niko Naranja 16th, Matt Kelly 17th, Charles Parham 18th, and Sam Johnson 19th in the Freestyle Race. You guys made Mr Paradis and me very proud to be the Fort Kent Nordic Ski Coachs yesterday, and proud to call Fort Kent Home!

Coach Carl Theriault

Boys Girls

Big shout out to the Fort Kent Girls Nordic ski team that competed this year through a lot of challenges to get four finishers at most of our meets….. they kept on fighting through wisdom teeth removal, sibling illness, sore shoulders that left Gentle skiing with one arm, dislocated shoulder, wobbly distended knee, bruised tail bone etc. etc……. and saved their best results for the State Meet. In a very deep field with the largest entries (70 Skiers) of any of the classes Alpine or Nordic, the girls team from Fort Kent finished a strong fourth place out of 14 very deep ski teams! You girls are tough…. I am very proud of the way you all stood up to your personal adversaries and pulled it together at the right time of the year to finish strong. We will miss Jordan and her unwavering strong leadership and great great work ethic that brought her a 5th in classic and 6th in skating after skiing the alpine events as well (she most definitely would have won skimeister had it not been cancelled as an event at states this year!!! I’m still mad about that and am determined to change it! )….. you couldn’t ask for a better role model and teammate for the younger skiers coming in, and we will miss our Gentle Katherine who skied her heart out through injury for the team to a 15th in classic and 19th in freestyle…. and that laugh…. what will we do to replace you two! As always we Greenbeans will march on….. kiss you goodbye, wipe a few tears, wish you the best and look to the next batch of great young women coming into our program…. with the thought that someday you will be back to cheer on future Greenbeans and give us a hug again when we need it most! Thanks for a great year Gals…. the torch now passes to Paige and Robin to lead us through another great ski season!
Coach Carl Theriault and Ben Paradis