Welcome to Disc Golf at the Fort Kent Outdoor Center

Disc Golf is played on our trails similar to traditional golf.
The goal is to use as few throws as possible to get the disc into the basket.
We have added another 9 baskets so that we now have a full 18 hole course.
There is a smart phone application called UDisc which has our course on it which makes it easier to score and find your way around the course.

FKOC members may play without a fee for this introductory year.
Donations are very welcome and will help us fund the construction of the additional 9 launch pads, baskets and signage.
Non-members will need to pay $5.00 per day to play. This can be put in the donation box at the Kiosk in the Parking Lot or you can pay online with a Credit Card or Paypal

Have Fun and enjoy our beautiful trails!