Frostbite Results

Hello FKOC Members and Friends!

We hosted our annual Frostbite Races on Saturday and we had great participation!  We had 36 skiers, 9 in the 5K and 27 in the 15K.  Skiers ranged in age from 11 to 73 years old and came from all over the County and Canada.  The course conditions were excellent, the food was fantastic and the volunteers were smiling (as always)!
We awarded prizes for the top three finishers in each race for both men women.  Folks got to choose from our FKOC merchandise.  The top three finishers in each race are listed below.  The complete race results are on our website

The complete race results are on our website:

Check out our FaceBook page for some action photos from the event and from our Jalbert Youth Program yesterday.

Men’s 5K
1.  Cody Johnson
2.  Keith Hardy-Padraig
3.  Bob Sprague
Women’s 5K
1.  Dolcie Tanguay
2.  Laura Audibert
3.  Pat Theriault
Men’s 15K
1.  Daniel Streinz
2.  Caleb Streinz
3.  Justin Fereshetian
Women’s 15K
1.  Abbee Streinz
2.  Hanna Streinz
3.  Isabelle Jandreau
We’d like to thank those who made this event possible:
Race OrganizersPaul and Bonnie Cyr;
Registration: Publicity, Bibs:  Leslie Kelly;
Timing:  Chief Bill Loder, Carl Theriault, Paul Grant, Steve Johnson, Gail Johnson, Annette Grant, Frances LaBrie, Kelly Martin, Arthur Carroll,  Don Audibert;
CoursePaul Cyr, Carl Theriault, Russell Boucher;
Kitchen Cooks and Servers: Lucille Loder, Kalina and George Conover, Judy Saucier, Lisa O’Malley, Joan Thibodeau, Bonnie Cyr, Janet Cyr and Phyllis Jandreau.
PhotosJoey Ouellette
As always, our events and programs could not be held without our awesome members and volunteers!  We are forever grateful for their selfless dedication to the FKOC and our mission!