May 20 – Bird Watch Pictures

We had a terrific Bird Walk on May 20!  We had 26 eager learners equipped with binoculars and bird guides.  Birder Bill Sheehan shared some tidbits about bird behaviors, feeding habits and territories.  We also learned how to identify some common species by their songs. Just walking the Waska loop we were able to hear about a dozen bird species!  Hearing them is much easier than seeing them though…we only saw about half of them.  We even called in a black-throated blue warbler by using a smartphone app to imitate it’s song.  He was extremely mad, thinking that we were trying to steal his territory!

We are extremely grateful to Bill for coming to the FKOC to share his vast knowledge and enthusiasm.  Participants can now walk the trails and woods with a greater appreciation for the birds that surround us.

For information about other bird outings in the County, please see the Aroostook Birders webpage at:

See you on the trails!

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