Skijoring News

Greetings FKOC Members and Friends! 

Our final big event of the winter season is over!  The Fort Kent Skijoring Races were held over the weekend and they were lots of fun.  We had sprint races on Saturday afternoon and longer distance races on Sunday.  This year we added a “Kicksled” division, which were exciting races to watch—they really fly on the trail!  And of course, it’s always great to see the variety of dogs and their amazing excitement and abilities.  A total of 19 (13 women and 6 men) racers participated in one or more of the six races scheduled.  Racers came from Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Quebec, Ontario and Nova Scotia and they thoroughly enjoyed their experience.  All promise to come back next year and bring friends. 

Our fantastic kitchen crew put on a delicious spaghetti meal for everyone—which was greatly appreciated!   We also have some great photos and videos on our website and FB page—go check them out! 

As always, we want to thank our team of volunteers who continue to make our events successful: 

Registration:  Sylvia Dow-Harvey (Event Coordinator), Irene MurphyBill Loder; Pat Theriault; 

TimingBill Loder (Chief), Lilly Roy, Paul Grant, Annette Grant, Lisa Eno, Arthur Carroll, Pat Theriault, Leslie Kelly, Lucille Loder; 

Bibs:  Leslie Kelly, Jim Kelly; 

Stadium/Course:  Norman Martin (Chief), Matt Michaud, Carl Theriault, Joey Ouellette, Don Audibert, Jim O’Malley, George Dumond, Arthur Carroll, LauraAudibert; 

Announcing:  George Dumond, Kelly Martin, Mark Shea; 

Photography/Video:  Matt Michaud, Joey Ouellette; 

Kitchen CrewJoan Thibodeau (Leader), Kalina Conover, Judy Saucier, Bonnie Cyr, Lisa O’Malley. 

We realize the inconvenience the closing of our trails creates for our membership and visitors.  We appreciate your patience with us.  We try to strike a balance between serving the needs of our members and hosting events that introduce new people to our venue and generate income to cover our expenses.  Now that the warmer weather is here, we hope you all get out on the trails and enjoy the great conditions!